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  1. Tech Section
    My daughter's 2018 traverse had moisture in the lens area and it burned out the passenger tail lamp which is LED. We have been unable to locate a passenger outer assembly due to it being on national backorder. Chevy has been no help, she's riding around with no turn signal or stop light. We...
  2. Tech Section
    Hey guys, recently I purchased some Spyder headlights for my traverse. They were on sale and one of my headlights had a crack. I got them in today and they look good, however they don't come with LED bulbs. I was wondering if it's possible to swap out the stock bulbs it comes with LED's for both...
  3. Exterior/Body
    I have a 2018 traverse lt I have 2 led pods I took off my old truck and i was just wondering if anyone has put led pods or cubes or even a light bar behind the grill or on the bumper around the license plate Also ideas for a spot for the switch?
  4. 2018+ Chevy Traverse General Discussion
    I just upgraded by 2018 to a 2021 Premier and always wondered why no LEDs all the way around. I have successfully upgraded all of the lights to LED without any BCM programing. Below are the lights I used without any hyper flash or errors. I did need to experiment a bit to get compatible...
1-4 of 4 Results