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  1. HVAC
    When I turn the AC on for the front, the driver side is cool (not cold) and the passenger side is even less cool. However, once we turn on the rear AC both the driver and passenger side vents start to blow cold air. The rear vents blow cool air. What could cause that? It doesn't seem normal. I...
  2. Tech Section
    I am wanting to upgrade the AC controller on my 2014 Traverse to the upgraded duel and auto control unit. I am doing this mostly for aesthetics. I am not concerned with the extra functions. I just want it to work. When I plugged it in the control unit did not receive any power. There is...
  3. Engine/Drivetrain
    When I am moving my heat guage shows higher than normal and the HVAC blows good heat. While stopped at a traffic light, temp guage comes down some and hvac goes cold. I thinking thermostat, any added knowledge would be welcomed.
  4. Interior/Electrical
    Hi all, new here. This will be long so please stay with me I am going to give some recent history since 7/2021. In July 2021 while at a gas station the car went into "power save mode" drove home, and it died, would not restart. I took the battery out and had it tested and it tested good. That...
  5. HVAC
    My 2016 has hot/warm air coming through the passenger and rear vents when it is set to 60, the driver side isn't have this issue, i pulled the fuse under the glove box and tried to reset the actuators but that didn't help. When I change the temperature to 90 I can feel the air getting hotter...
  6. HVAC
    Hello, I have recently replaced Front and back evaporators due to Freon leakage. After the repair work at the workshop, I have noticed that the AC Compressor trips when I am driving slow in the lanes or when the rpm remains under 2k. The work around is you hit the paddle and when the rpm...
1-6 of 6 Results