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  1. Engine/Drivetrain
    Hey everyone I'm hoping I can find some help here. I have 2010 traverse I pulled the engine on and did the timing chains and few other things, it's good to go no issues. Recently bought a 2012 Acadia that also needs the timing done so I figured I'd pull the Acadia engine and toss the Traverse in...
  2. General Discussion
    Looking to see if any one has a photo or diagram of the block heater installed on a '19 traverse. Installing an aftermarket one and just wanted to see the exact location of the engine core hole. Thanks in advance!
  3. Engine/Drivetrain
    We have a '09 LT with 95K+ miles. Just had a second coil replaced for a meltdown/failure. Thought car was up in smoke last year, totally melted coil and ruined the connectors. Stunk up the car really bad. Had same odor other day with no misfire (that I detected) but check engine lit so I hauled...
  4. Engine/Drivetrain
    Can you put a 2.4 l engine in a 2011 Chevy Traverse that previously had a 3.6 liter engine? I'm asking because our traverse needs a new engine and the price difference between those two size motors is vast, we're talking the difference between $1,100 and $3,000. I would appreciate any help and...
  5. Engine/Drivetrain
    Does anyone know if a 2014 engine will fit in a 2012? I found a good deal on the newer engine and have been trouble finding a 2012 near me. Thanks so much.
  6. Engine/Drivetrain
    I Drive a 2013 Traverse AWD LTZ as my daily. It's been a reliable car so far and haven't had any major problems other than the dealership giving it to me with a bad battery and the interior unclean. I've had it for less than a year and have already had 4-5 oil changes on it. I got it at around...
  7. Engine/Drivetrain
    Hello All, just purchased a 2016 traverse a few days ago! Have a daughter on the way and we don’t want to stop at one. Everything was great, and still is, only one brief issue- I have a spark from the harmonic balancer. I believe it was a TSB for the 2015/16 year, so I attempted what the TSB...
1-7 of 7 Results