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  1. Engine/Drivetrain
    I got a pre-buy inspection on a 2011 AWD Traverse. The mechanic says the power steering pump has a leak and ought to be replaced. Does anyone know if this is a fix that can be put off, or will that lead to more serious problems? Thanks in advance. JO
  2. General Discussion
    When I sound my alarm or lock my car you can barely hear anything. I mean it’s the little “beep” I have ever heard. I have look at the fuses for the horn and even tried to replace it and that doesn’t seem to help. What would my next option be for this problem??
  3. Tech Section
    Is this possible (or been done already)? I can't find anything about it. We got the car for free and would like to add in more safety features since it's the family car.
  4. Engine/Drivetrain
    I have a 2011 with 188K miles. It passed emissions last year but not this year. The mechanic says it's most likely a timing chain issue. It drives fine but doesn't have a lot of get up and go. When I start it the engine sounds a bit like a diesel engine for the first few seconds. Sometimes when...
  5. General Discussion
    Today my mechanic tested the a/c on my 2011 Traverse because the a/c switch blinked a few times and went off, hence no a/c. He found that my rear a/c lines are leaking. Next week I am going to have him use a kit to seal off the rear lines. It is way cheaper than paying over $1,000 to replace...
1-5 of 5 Results