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  1. P0303 10 traverse

    General Discussion
    Gf was traveling, come up to stop light and said vehicle seemed like it wanted to die at complete stop. Pulled the code and was getting a p0303. Only fault code. Replaced plugs and no change. For further investigation I unplugged coil pack for number 3 and symptoms got worse. For the most part...
  2. Obd2 code p0008

    I have a 2010 Chevy traverse that throws the code p0008 crankshaft camshaft position engine performance bank 1 but vehicle doesn't really act like timing is out. Everything points more toward transmission problems but tranny comes back as good. Check engine light won't come on at all. Could...
  3. Help! Cranks, no start, no codes

    2010 Traverse with 100k mi. New battery, cranks strong, no previous symptoms, drove it into garage and wouldn’t start in the morning. No codes. Code reader says 60psi at fuel rail. All fuses good. Pulled a plug and it sparks during crank. Sprayed starter fluid directly into throttle body...