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Hey everyone!

New here, but NOT new to my 09 Chevy traverse ISSUES.

We took out a loan for an 09 Traverse literally only a year and a half ago, and we have done everything we can to keep it RUNNING. It will kill me. Im sure of it.

Lets start with everything we HAVE done to it.
#1) transmission.
Transcooler lines, and gear box, or something or rather. Dont beat me up about this one, don't remember what it was called, lol.

#2) battery

#3)02 sensors, and new front catalytic converters

#4)front brakes and rotors, brake line flush, and calipers.

this one we were duped into because we were told it was the timming chain, but it would be "more cost effective and more prolonged vehicle life to replace the entire engine." Cost $6,000.00.
Ridiculous lesson learned. Omfg. How could I be so **** stupid?!

#6)spark plugs

#7) cylinder #5 new ignition coil.

Now, we get to the fun stuff.
Less than 2weeks after having an issue with misfire lead me to replace my ignition coil, my car began having a dragging feel that has progressed to a huge problem.

Car intermittently has an extremely hard time starting. Vehicle has partially stalled twice in parking lots. Has a huge amount of drag at speeds of 50mph or greater, less than that drives fine. Has loss of power at those speeds. Will hesitate after slowing down for traffic or stop sign and trying to accelerate. Gas mileage has been dwindling extremely fast. Hard to climb up hills, loss of power. NO CHECK ENGNE LIGHT!!!

Took to my mechanic amd explained everything that is going on. He took it for a test drive and hooked up a code scanner but was able to garnish NO CODES!!! He said the only thing he noticed was my tired bobbing, but that everything was register good on the scanner. Yes, I need new tires, but the loss of power is more important right now. He was at a loss and sent me on my way, to bring the car back immediately if it gets worse and not turn it off.

I'm at a loss, they say they don't suspect failing ignition coils because im not misfiring and no cel.
I have scoured the internet for hours, and came up with mass air flow sensor and ignition coils as possible culprits bur I'm at a loss!!

My gas mileage is HORDIBLE, the car drives and sounds like its not getting any air and it's draggi g and loss of power!!

Any suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated, I have a mechanic that wants $100 to inspect but won't do so until they have a CODE.

What would cause this issue without a cel?!?!

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No fun at all. You will never recover all the money and issues this car has caused to you. Still not too late to get rid of it if it would be me my suggestion is trade it for a newer model. 09's were very proned to just about a lots of problems. What is the milleage on your Traverse?

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It sounds like a pugged exhaust system but I would think it would throw a code. On the old carb engines I've seen exhaust blow out the top of the carb at higher rpms. That was in the era that GM used double walled exhaust pipes and the inner pipe had collapsed and blocked the flow.
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my first thought also,...restricted exhaust............
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Thanks so much for All the insight!

Car currently has 148,000 miles, new engine only has 56,000 miles.

I will be biting the big one this week and just dumping it at the mechanic to get a full inspection done, leave no stone unturned lol.

I will definitely let them know to check the exhaust system, although I'm sure they hate being told what to do... Nothing is worse than your car not working and them looking at you as if your CRAZY!!

i would LOVE to trade it in, but my husband said we've already basically rebuild the entire car, and do we really want to start over?.. the other troubpe is we owe $7,500 on it, it's worth about $5,000, but possibly more with a new engine?.... Ugh.

Chevy really bombed with this car. What a joke!!
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Is there any way this could be a plugged engine air filter?.... Just a curious thought. It would be nice not to have a ridiculous repair bill for a change... A girl can dream, lol!
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"I would LOVE to trade it in, but my husband said we've already basically rebuild the entire car, and do we really want to start over?.. the other troubpe is we owe $7,500 on it, it's worth about $5,000, but possibly more with a new engine?.... Ugh."

Just my .02… It does not matter what you have done to the car or how much money you have already spent. That money is gone and you just have to mentally let it go. (In finance and accounting this is called a “sunk cost” because it is, well, sunk. Sunk costs play no role in decisions.) The only thing that matters now is what the car will cost you in the future. It sounds to me like you are driving around a money pit.
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What I would bet is that the crankshaft position sensor was failing and has now failed completely. Good news is that this is not a terribly expensive part to replace and little labor is involved. It is a critical component on modern engines and when it starts to fail the symptoms are easily misdiagnosed by the scope/codes dependent mechanics of today.

The part itself sells for under $150 and takes under 30 minutes to replace but the vehicle does need to be lifted on a hoist to get to its location under the car.

Not going to help you with this vehicle but before buying my 2018 Traverse I checked the forums and car complaints websites and very quickly found out about the problems with the poor lubrication of the pre-2010 engine's timing chain. Had I bought a used Traverse it would have been a 2011 or newer one. An hour or two of your time up front could have saved you a lot of money and a lot of grief.
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I sincerely appreciate all the notes!

How could I have the crankshaft position sensor tested to make sure that this is for sure the failing part?

I can't say ENOUGH THANK YOU to all of you!!

I agree, I am so READY to DUMP this car and move on. 😥😥😥
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I also have an 09 LTZ in your exact situation. Brakes, cooler lines, new engine etc. I’m about $18000 deep into this beast.

I highly doubt your crank sensor is failing. You would be getting stalls and no start conditions and probably a code.

I’d check into what other guys have said here. Check for clogs like the air filter, pcv valve and rear most catalytic convertor. The 3rd cat doesn’t have any o2 sensors monitoring it so it could be clocked and not throw a code.

Also I’ve witnessed my traverse have a bad coil but not throw a code. I’d honestly be leaning towards another bad coil from personal experience. sometimes the code for misfire doesn’t show up.(which sounds crazy) It’s possible they may have missed it.

At idle it’s fine but while under a load you get what you described in your initial post. Take the car yourself to oreillys and use their obd2 scan tool. under special functions you can see individual cylinder misfire count.

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