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Sort of a rant and question. Should I cahnge oil immediatly

This is almost a verbatim copy of post I made in another forum (not specific car related). I thought I would share it here also.

I have 2017 Chevy Travisty SUV. It's my work horse vehicle used for several tows a year and hauling whatever I need. I don't particularly like the car but it does the job.

Had my last oil change at 9500 miles by a certified GM shop (not the dealer) back in February . They use GM specified all syn oil. I trust this shop explicitly as they have done lots of work for me on other cars.

Over two weeks ago my "change oil soon" message came up on the information center. Because I wanted to have the tires rotated and all fluids check and the dealer had a special oil change price, I decided to make an appointment with them for the oil change. I now have nearly 13,000 miles on it.

The best date they were able to fit me in was Sept 13. It seemed like a long interval but my reasoning was that because it's synthetic oil, it has a long mileage life and the extra time involved should be OK. Besides the "timer" warning is based on time and not actual oil integrity, or so I was told by the dealer when car was purchased and by many other "experts" in the field. But I do believe synthetic oil can go an easy 10k even with hard use.

Now I'm having second thoughts if I did the right thing. But since it's only 6 days away at this point it's not a big deal.

My rant part of this post is that the best the dealer can do is 4 weeks appointments for an oil change to maintain the warranty? That stinks and it bugs me. It seems to me that a dealer should make appropriate conditions to have quick service oil changes to maintain warranties. And oil changes should not be tied into the same schedule as other service work. Since there are hundreds of quick lube places that don't even need appointments, why can't a dealer that begs to do your service work have a quick oil change?

Note this dealer is the largest dealer in the state that has all brands and makes of cars. This includes, Ford, GMC and almost all foreign brands. They are also very prominent in other states around the country. Clearly too big to care about the customer! In the future I'll go back to my trusted shop.

PS...I've had problems with this dealership in the past and know many other people that have also. I wish I could publish the name but I think it's against the rules for this type of thing. So why did I buy the car from them? That's a whole other story worthy of another post.

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