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Originally Posted by Geopro View Post
We have a new to us 19# GeoPro by Rockwood. The max weight on this is 3,000# (dry). We bought a 2019 Traverse with factory towing package.

The dashboard transmission temperature read in the 240's going up a steep grade heading to Anza Borrego. We spoke with a service person at the dealership where we bought the car. He informed us these cars are designed to run hot. That they can tolerate the high temperatures due to their synthetic transmission fluid.

Reportedly there is a built in system in place to slow down the car when the engine or transmission is dangerously high. After that it seems it will then stop the far.

I am wondering what forum members and maybe auto professionals have to say about this? Thanks in advance!


Engine should be running at 210F which is 11 o'clock on a gen2 gauge.......240F tranny fluid even when towing sounds too hot for me

I don't know about any automatic system to stop the car short of the engine seizing.......worst it might do is default to 2nd gear limp in mode to prevent tranny damage and the engine will be revving high to assist cooling. And even running synthetic lubricants I'm not so sure what extremely high underhood temps will do to the battery, crapo rubber, plastic parts and connectors. Forget Drive when towing a load uphill, when I tow uphill, I go L/manual w/automatic clutch. I'd start with L7 to lockout the 2 overdrive gears watching the engine and tranny gauges......towing uphill in overdrive not a good idea.....If temps still getting hot switch to L7 which I normally use for the jet ski, L6 for the get power and additional water pump speed for cooling

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