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thanks for your input. I actually never had trouble fitting a full sheet of sheetrock in the back of my Avalanche with 2nd row folded down. I only have to move the driver seat forward to clear the headrest but then back granted I'm 5 foot 8 and not over 6 foot but it happened with no problem. I'm a fan of the short beds and if I still want to get full sheets I would just fold the tailgate down and that combined with the short box would be at least 7 ft I would just use straps. Have you seen the 2019 Rams? They make the Silverados and even the Denali look like they dated back to 2014. I would even say they're up there with the interior of an Escalade check out the ram limited on YouTube videos and I'm not just talking about the 12in flat screen infotainment Center I mean just the overall dash leather dashboard and seats even the rear seats recline for the kids. I'm not a contractor so I don't really want to drive a full-time pickup truck that feels more like a work truck. I'll have the ram so my wife just needs an SUV not another pickup. So we're going to end up probably going with the Tahoe which is fine however she still in love with her 1990 Land cruiser that she had to give up 10 years ago. Now that was a nice big truck that drove like a car unfortunately the new ones are a $90k [emoji849]. I do agree though the Tahoe has very little leg room in the third seat because it sits on top of the wheels but the good thing is I'll never drive from back there's the Avalanche. Going to keep her for a few months but will miss her when she's gone. But like every ex girlfriend eventually you got to move on LOL

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