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I prefer the Traverse over the Tahoe for everyday driving on paved or gravel roads.....but

Wouldn't trust my Traverse AWD on a sandy beach.......not even if a High Country with dual rear clutches. Aside from their traction capability, I'd be concerned with sand's abrasive damage upon the accordion boots on the front axle CV joints and the electric steering rack.....not cheap repairs.

You could get lucky with an AWD, but reliable, responsible driving on beach sand calls for a Silverado/Tahoe/Sub/Avalanche class vehicle equipped with an Eaton E80 locker, higher ground clearance and 4WD w/4Lo in a native RWD vehicle with a truck frame......not a native FWD unit body vehicle driving the rear wheels through a slush box. ....a real 4WD with independent transfer case is only way to get true equal all time full power to each wheel regardless of surface conditions under each wheel. Doesn't mean you'll never get stuck but you've increased the odds in your favor that you won't.

Been there, done that and yes, better to be the one laughing than watching someone's boat/trailer launching his AWD SUV off a slippery boat ramp.

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