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Author Topic: Radio upgrade  (Read 6971 times)
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« on: July 05, 2010, 12:05:50 PM »

After reading several posts I decided to upgrade the sound system of my Chevy Traverse without removing the base factory radio (I said base no Bose).

First thing I made was the installation of third row speakers. Next, I replaced the front and rear speakers for a Focal component. Then, last weekend I installed the sub! Installing he sub was not easy but it worth the effort. Ill attach some pictures if required.

Now Im planning to install the center speaker. I guess that speaker is 3.5 but I will try to install a 4. But, going a little further, I saw that the next level radio (the one with an additional slot for the DVD, no navigation) has independent outputs to the sub and center speakers. So, instead of attaching the sub and center speakers to the front speakers, I will attach them directly to the factory radio. I have no idea if this will work without installing an amplifier, but Ill give it a try.

The biggest difference between the two radios is the number of connectors in the back of the unit. The base radio only has 2 connectors (14 and 16 pins) and those are the only connectors in the factory harness. The next level radio has 4 connectors (a 14 pins and 3 16 pins connector). Looking at the schematic diagram of the outputs of this last radio, Im seeing that the 14 pins connector in both radios is exactly the same (it handles the front speakers and computer data lines). From left to right, the first 16 pins connector is the one providing the output to the sub and center speakers. The second 16 pins connector handles everything related to video, useless for me in this case. The third 16 pin connector is exactly the same that the 16 pins connector of my original radio. According to this, I will be attaching the 14 pins connector to the only 14-pins connector available. The 16 pins connector will be attached to the right most 16 pin connector and I already bought a 16 pins connector to take the output to the sub and center speaker from the first 16 pins connector. Hopefully an amplifier wont be need to supply power to all the speakers.

Ill let you know the outcome!
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« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2010, 12:45:26 PM »

How is this progressing?  I will be installing an MS-8 and it uses the speaker outputs from the Bose amp.  I am trying to locate the best place to tie into the outputs from the Bose amp.  Do you know the easiest place to access the output?  The amp is tucked up underneath the driver side dash and a nightmare to access from there.
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